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Background image: Frozen Klamath Lake in Oregon.

Newsletter Archive

I began sending photo-illustrated newsletters to friends and family on a 2007 trip to Italy. Now I create them at Christmas, New Year's and the Fourth of July as well as other times when the spirit moves me, such as on a vacation trip or a hike. Creating the newsletters helps vent my writing obsession, reignited my love of photography and taught me a lot about what Microsoft Word can do. 

An annual newsletter occasion since 2009. It's become my Christmas card.

12-17-09 Holiday Herald

Season's Greetings


12-17-11 Holiday Herald

(no headline)


12-20-13 Holiday Herald

When the snow lay round about ...


12-19-14 Holiday Herald

Stockings were hung ...

12-24-16 Holiday Herald

A Sierra Holiday

12-24-18 Holiday Herald

My Lord! What A Morning

12-19-20 Holiday Herald

For everything there is a season

12-24-21 Holiday Herald 2

James Taylor country

12-21-23 Holiday Herald

Homes for the holidays 1

12-21-10 Holiday Herald

(no headline)


12-28-12 Holiday Herald

Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light


12-22-13 Holiday Herald 2

Home for the holidays


12-20-15 Holiday Herald

See, amid the winter's snow

12-22-17 Holiday Herald

Season's Greetings

12-21-19 Holiday Herald

Room at the Inn

12-17-21 Holiday Herald

The weather outside is frightful

12-15-22 Holiday Herald

'Tis the Season

12-21-23 Holiday Herald

Homes for the holidays 2

2024 Trip to Europe
A three-country visit.
5-4-24 Scotland
Digging into the Auld Sod

5-5-24 Scotland
Digging into the Auld Sod (the Presbies)

5-9-24 Scotland
Digging into the Auld Sod (the Highlands)

5-13-24 Normandy

5-15&19-24 Rome
Pizzas, Piazzas, Palazzos & Popes

5-20&23-24 Venice

Water. Water everywhere.
5-5-24 Scotland
Digging into the Auld Sod

5-7-24 Scotland 
Digging into the Auld Sod (Shetland)

5-10-24 Scotland

Digging into the Auld Soc (Glasgow)

5-14-24 Paris

Day of rest

5-15&19-24 Rome
Pizzas, Piazzas, Palazzos & Persecution

5-4-23 scotland newsletter 1.jpg
2022 Visitors From Norway
Our friends take advantage of cheap plane tickets and fall school break to visit.
newsletter 1 cover.jpg
X-country trip
7-7-21 cover.jpg
2021 Cross-Country Trip
A summer road trip with my sister along the Lewis and Clark Trail.
7-7-21 Voyage of Discovery 

7-9-21 Voyage of Discovery

"Manifest Destiny"

7-11-21 Voyage of Discovery
Why it's called Yellowstone

7-13-21 Voyage of Discovery
On the reservation

7-15-21 Voyage of Discovery

Eiffel Tower, Mount Rushmore, Meacham, Oregon

7-19-21 Epilogue
Winfield Scott Moak

7-8-21 Voyage of Discovery

Saint Louis in Lewis & Clark's time

7-10-21 Voyage of Discovery


7-12-21 Voyage of Discovery

Sacagawea, enigmas and history

7-14-21 Voyage of Discovery

7-16-21 Voyage of Discovery

Learning our lesson

2019 Norway Trip
A winter trip along coastal Norway including crossing the Arctic Circle.
2-12-19 Norge News 
Strange Words, Familiar Cadences
2-14-19 Norge News 
63° N
2-17-19 Norge News
End of the Earth
2-21-19 Norge News
The Sound of Silence                                                   
2-25-19 Norge News
It's Oh So Nice in Åsa
2-13-19 Norge News

62° N

2-16-19 Norge News

66° 33’ N


2-20-19 Norge News

Fjellet & Fjord

2-24-19 Norge News

How Do You Spot a Norwegian?

2-12-19 bergen.jpg
2017 Europe trip
2017 Europe Trip
Taking our son to Europe for his first intercontinental visit.
2017 Europe Trip
Taking our son to Europe for his first intercontinental visit.

10-9-17 The Times

Fancy Meetin' You 'ere

10-14-17 VG

Warm Friends in Cold Places

10-20-17 Le Monde

The Son King & His Mom

10-11-17 Aftenposten

Ja, Vi Elsker Dette Landet

10-16-17 L'Equipe

France From A Different Angle

10-21-17 The Guardian

Le Chat à Grande Vitesse

North Carolina

Trips to visit family and friends. There's quite a bit of overlap between this and the Family section below.

10-18-09 Hollerin' from Hamlet 
Back for a North Carolina visit
10-21-09 Smoke Signals 
Smoky Mountain Morning
2-18-13 The Biltmore Bugle 
North Carolina's Downton Abbey
2-23-13 The Hamlet News-Messenger                        Together again, naturally                                                   
10-22-16 The Asheville Citizen-Times
Crossing the line
10-18-09 Hollerin' from Hamlet 
Back for a North Carolina visit
10-21-09 Smoke Signals 
Smoky Mountain Morning
2-18-13 The Biltmore Bugle 
North Carolina's Downton Abbey
2-23-13 The Hamlet News-Messenger                        Together again, naturally                                                   
10-22-16 The Asheville Citizen-Times
Crossing the line
10-19-09 Hollerin' from Hamlet

Yes, Thomas Wolfe, you can go home again


12-30-10 My Book Report

Books, railroads and a little snow


2-21-13 The College Courier

Dyed in the Wool Blue


2-25-13 The Cape Fear Courier

Seeking Safe Harbor


The way I like to travel.

1-21-11 The Railroad Report

Why I like waking up on the train 


3-20-14 Le Monde

Piercing the Faux French Facade


10-5-14 The Museum Missive I

Capital Idea                                                                  

5-26-13 Train Tales

The People You Meet on a Train


3-21-14 The Southwest Sun

Land of Latitude


10-6-14 The Museum Missive II

A History Warehouse

Reunions, trips, events. More family-oriented newsletters are in the North Carolina section above.
6-30-08 Julie, Lee & Thomas' California Adventure
Big trees, big feast, big family

7-5-08 Julie, Lee & Thomas' California Adventure       Tahoe trek closes reunion trip  


2-10-09 Tahoe Tales  

Sierra Springtime   


3-22-10 The Squaw Valley Squawk  

Flattery Works 


1-23-11 The Birthday Blast        

It's nifty turning 60 


1-30-11 The Gorge Gazette  



2-19-12 The Carmel Crier    

On the road to St. Elsewhere      


2-20-12 The Big Sur Blast          

Big Doin's at Big Sur   


8-27-12 Circle N News      

Ruler(s) of the Ranch      


5-26-13 The Daily Disney    

Magic Moments  


9-26-13 The Nuptial News  

I Do       


8-15-14 The Redwood Report      

Before ... And After   


8-24-14 The Birdie Bugle                                                 

Rub of the Green  


8-8-16 The LA Times

Beautiful Downtown Burbank

10-19-16 The Cary Clarion

Mayberry Makeover

5-28-17 The Cape Fear Courier

Dawn of a New Age

3-5-24 Family Tales

The expansion franchise

7-3-08 Julie, Lee & Thomas' California Adventure

Bay Area welcomes visitors with fog, baseball


1-11-09 The Seattle Scuttlebutt

Sleepless in Seattle


10-23-09 The Richmond Rag

Stepping back in time


7-6-10 Tioga Tales

Granite Grandeur


1-24-11 The Gorge Gazette

Gorging ourselves


2-15-11 The Prostate Post

Fightin' the Big C


7-4-11 Giants Gazette

The house that Barry Built


8-25-12 Screen Gems

Ready for my close-up, Ms. DeMille


2-17-13 The Charlotte Clarion

Waking up in North Carolina


9-24-13 Family Tales

A time to Heal


9-28-13 Coastal Chillin'

Honeymoon Sweet


8-17-14 Ocean Observer

Surf City USA                                              


5-6-16 The LA Times

City of Angels

10-18-16 The Nuptial News

I will fight no more forever

11-29-16 Los Angeles Daily News

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

1-24-24 The Tahoe Tale

Snowy peaks


Emily's and my favorite pasttime together. There are more hikes in the Fourth of July section below.

7-10-09 The Lassen Log     

A hike to hell and back    


2-11-12 The Grant Park Press 

Winter at last


8-27-12 The Cathedral Call   

4 words to describe our Yosemite day


8-13-13 The Vulcan Voice 2

Hot Fudge Mundae


8-31-15 The Sequoia Sun

A Walk Back to the Ice Age

3-6-23 The Point Lobos Log

Winter of Storms

5-27-10 The Valley Voice

Climbing to the brink


7-21-12 The Yosemite Yelp

An Arresting Arrete


8-10-13 The Vulcan Voice

Hiking into the Dead Zone


5-10-15 The Umunhum Times

Friends Encountered on the Trail

2-24-18 The Coyote Clarion

As Green As It Gets

Anchor 1
Fourth of July

This annual newsletter usually focuses on a national park. There are hikes here not listed in the section above.

7-9-09 The Lassen Log    
'Cause it's there  

7-2-11 The Yosemite Yodel 

A walk in the park


6-30-13 The Yosemite Yell 

Happy Fourth of July


7-2-15 The Sequoia Sun

Happy Fourth of July

6-30-17 The Yosemite Yelp

Happy Fourth of July

6-29-19 The Redwood Report

Happy Fourth of July

7-4-22 The Pinnacles Press

El Condor Pasa

7-4-24 The Redwood Report

The call of the Wild

6-30-10 The Sequoia Squawk

Happy Fourth of July


6-30-12 The Bay Area Bugle

Happy Fourth of July


7-1-14 The Lassen Log

Happy Fourth of July

6-26-16 The Yosemite Yelp

Happy Fourth of July

7-1-18 The Yosemite Yelp

Ghost Towns in the Sky

7-4-20 The Independent

Happy Fourth of July

7-1-23 The Vulcan Voice

Happy Fourth of July

New Year's

This newsletter, which isn't quite annual yet, usually focuses on the California coast.

12-29-09 Holiday Herald 
Winter finally settles in 

1-1-14 The Left Coast Log 

Last to the New Year Party 


1-3-15 The New Year News

And the sky is gray

12-30-17 The New Year News

Bridges of the Bay

12-28-11 The Point Lobos Log

Happy New Year


12-27-14 The New Year News

First Light

1-15-17 The New Year News

I've been for a walk on a winter's day ...

1-1-22 The New Year News

Its Beach sunset

italy achor
2007 Italy trip

The start of a mighty publishing franchise.

9-25-07 The Venezia Voice
Long night's flight to Venice lands weary travelers in Italia


9-27-07 The Lago di Como Log      



9-29-07 The Roamin' Romans          

Some serious railroadin'                                                  



10-1-07 The Tuscany Touristi  

Arrivederci, Roma. Buongiorno, Siena.


10-3-07 The Milano Messagero

Italians built monument to themselves in marble

9-26-07 The Vicenza Credenza

Army dedicates memorial garden to Nan's mom

9-28-07 The Lago di Como Log

Cruise to Colico


9-30-07 The Roamin' Romans

The glory that was Rome & the bald spot on the dome


10-2-07 The Tuscany Touristi

Driving across Tuscany, hill town to hill town 



4-13-22 chronicle 1 cover.jpg

Stuff that doesn't fit in the other boxes.

8-15-10 The Fog Town Crier 
 Just Chillin'  

3-16-13 The Poverty Post   

Springtime in the land of milk and honey  


4-1-13 The Daily Tar Heel 



8-17-14 The Lake Ledger 2 

Draining the tub                                                       


3-17-15 The Irish Inquirer

Wearin' o' the Green


11-26-15 The Thanksgiving Tribune

Come, Ye Thankful People, Come


1-29-16 The Super Bowl Bugle

The Week Begins


2-2-16 The Super Bowl Bugle

How the Sausage Gets Made


2-7-16 The Super Bowl Bugle

The Agony of Defeat

1-16-17 The Mountain Mirror

How a drought ends

4-13-22 The Coastal Chronicle 1

Pacific Coast Winter

11-6-23 The Rain Report

A dark and stormy forecast

8-27-11 The CyberRays Slate

From one champ to another


3-30-14 The Daily Tar Heel

I'm a Tar Heel born ...


6-15-14 The Shasta Sun

A White Lie


11-30-14 The Rain Report

The Day the Rain Came


4-17-15 The Silicon Valley Sun

American Exceptionalism


11-28-15 The Thanksgiving Tribune

Trains, Planes & Automobiles


1-31-16 The Super Bowl Bugle

How Stadiums Grow Up To Be Super Bowls


2-5-16 The Super Bowl Bugle

Travel Tips for the Big Game

7-12-16 The Olympic Ring

Grace Under Pressure

3-15-20 The Coronavirus Chronicle

These Art Times That Try Our Souls

4-13-22 The Coastal Chronicle 2

Life among brutes

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