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Background image: Frozen Klamath Lake in Oregon.

Newsletter Archive

I began sending photo-illustrated newsletters to friends and family on a 2007 trip to Italy. Now I create them at Christmas, New Year's and the Fourth of July as well as other times when the spirit moves me, such as on a vacation trip or a hike. Creating the newsletters helps vent my writing obsession, reignited my love of photography and taught me a lot about what Microsoft Word can do. 

An annual newsletter occasion since 2009. It's become my Christmas card.

12-17-09 Holiday Herald

Season's Greetings


12-17-11 Holiday Herald

(no headline)


12-20-13 Holiday Herald

When the snow lay round about ...


12-19-14 Holiday Herald

Stockings were hung ...

12-24-16 Holiday Herald

A Sierra Holiday

12-24-18 Holiday Herald

My Lord! What A Morning

12-19-20 Holiday Herald

For everything there is a season

12-24-21 Holiday Herald 2

James Taylor country

12-21-10 Holiday Herald

(no headline)


12-28-12 Holiday Herald

Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light


12-22-13 Holiday Herald 2

Home for the holidays


12-20-15 Holiday Herald

See, amid the winter's snow

12-22-17 Holiday Herald

Season's Greetings

12-21-19 Holiday Herald

Room at the Inn

12-17-21 Holiday Herald

The weather outside is frightful

12-15-22 Holiday Herald

'Tis the Season

2022 Visitors From Norway
Our friends take advantage of cheap plane tickets and fall school break to visit.
newsletter 1 cover.jpg
7-7-21 cover.jpg
2021 Cross-Country Trip
A summer road trip with my sister along the Lewis and Clark Trail.
7-7-21 Voyage of Discovery 

7-9-21 Voyage of Discovery

"Manifest Destiny"

7-11-21 Voyage of Discovery
Why it's called Yellowstone

7-13-21 Voyage of Discovery
On the reservation

7-15-21 Voyage of Discovery

Eiffel Tower, Mount Rushmore, Meacham, Oregon

7-19-21 Epilogue
Winfield Scott Moak

7-8-21 Voyage of Discovery

Saint Louis in Lewis & Clark's time

7-10-21 Voyage of Discovery


7-12-21 Voyage of Discovery

Sacagawea, enigmas and history

7-14-21 Voyage of Discovery

7-16-21 Voyage of Discovery

Learning our lesson

2019 Norway Trip
A winter trip along coastal Norway including crossing the Arctic Circle.
2-12-19 Norge News 
Strange Words, Familiar Cadences
2-14-19 Norge News 
63° N
2-17-19 Norge News
End of the Earth
2-21-19 Norge News
The Sound of Silence                                                   
2-25-19 Norge News
It's Oh So Nice in Åsa
2-13-19 Norge News

62° N

2-16-19 Norge News

66° 33’ N


2-20-19 Norge News

Fjellet & Fjord

2-24-19 Norge News

How Do You Spot a Norwegian?

2-12-19 bergen.jpg
2017 Europe Trip
Taking our son to Europe for his first intercontinental visit.
2017 Europe Trip
Taking our son to Europe for his first intercontinental visit.

10-9-17 The Times

Fancy Meetin' You 'ere

10-14-17 VG

Warm Friends in Cold Places

10-20-17 Le Monde

The Son King & His Mom

10-11-17 Aftenposten

Ja, Vi Elsker Dette Landet

10-16-17 L'Equipe

France From A Different Angle

10-21-17 The Guardian

Le Chat à Grande Vitesse

North Carolina

Trips to visit family and friends. There's quite a bit of overlap between this and the Family section below.

10-18-09 Hollerin' from Hamlet 
Back for a North Carolina visit
10-21-09 Smoke Signals 
Smoky Mountain Morning
2-18-13 The Biltmore Bugle 
North Carolina's Downton Abbey
2-23-13 The Hamlet News-Messenger                        Together again, naturally                                                   
10-22-16 The Asheville Citizen-Times
Crossing the line
10-18-09 Hollerin' from Hamlet 
Back for a North Carolina visit
10-21-09 Smoke Signals 
Smoky Mountain Morning
2-18-13 The Biltmore Bugle 
North Carolina's Downton Abbey
2-23-13 The Hamlet News-Messenger                        Together again, naturally                                                   
10-22-16 The Asheville Citizen-Times
Crossing the line
10-19-09 Hollerin' from Hamlet

Yes, Thomas Wolfe, you can go home again


12-30-10 My Book Report

Books, railroads and a little snow


2-21-13 The College Courier

Dyed in the Wool Blue


2-25-13 The Cape Fear Courier

Seeking Safe Harbor


The way I like to travel.

1-21-11 The Railroad Report

Why I like waking up on the train 


3-20-14 Le Monde

Piercing the Faux French Facade


10-5-14 The Museum Missive I

Capital Idea                                                                  

5-26-13 Train Tales

The People You Meet on a Train


3-21-14 The Southwest Sun

Land of Latitude


10-6-14 The Museum Missive II

A History Warehouse

Reunions, trips, events. More family-oriented newsletters are in the North Carolina section above.
6-30-08 Julie, Lee & Thomas' California Adventure
Big trees, big feast, big family

7-5-08 Julie, Lee & Thomas' California Adventure       Tahoe trek closes reunion trip  


2-10-09 Tahoe Tales  

Sierra Springtime   


3-22-10 The Squaw Valley Squawk  

Flattery Works 


1-23-11 The Birthday Blast        

It's nifty turning 60 


1-30-11 The Gorge Gazette  



2-19-12 The Carmel Crier    

On the road to St. Elsewhere      


2-20-12 The Big Sur Blast          

Big Doin's at Big Sur   


8-27-12 Circle N News      

Ruler(s) of the Ranch      


5-26-13 The Daily Disney    

Magic Moments  


9-26-13 The Nuptial News  

I Do       


8-15-14 The Redwood Report      

Before ... And After   


8-24-14 The Birdie Bugle                                                 

Rub of the Green  


8-8-16 The LA Times

Beautiful Downtown Burbank

10-19-16 The Cary Clarion

Mayberry Makeover

5-28-17 The Cape Fear Courier

Dawn of a New Age

7-3-08 Julie, Lee & Thomas' California Adventure

Bay Area welcomes visitors with fog, baseball


1-11-09 The Seattle Scuttlebutt

Sleepless in Seattle


10-23-09 The Richmond Rag

Stepping back in time


7-6-10 Tioga Tales

Granite Grandeur


1-24-11 The Gorge Gazette

Gorging ourselves


2-15-11 The Prostate Post

Fightin' the Big C


7-4-11 Giants Gazette

The house that Barry Built


8-25-12 Screen Gems

Ready for my close-up, Ms. DeMille


2-17-13 The Charlotte Clarion

Waking up in North Carolina


9-24-13 Family Tales

A time to Heal


9-28-13 Coastal Chillin'

Honeymoon Sweet


8-17-14 Ocean Observer

Surf City USA                                              


5-6-16 The LA Times

City of Angels

10-18-16 The Nuptial News

I will fight no more forever

11-29-16 Los Angeles Daily News

Planes, Trains and Automobiles


Emily's and my favorite pasttime together. There are more hikes in the Fourth of July section below.

7-10-09 The Lassen Log     

A hike to hell and back    


2-11-12 The Grant Park Press 

Winter at last


8-27-12 The Cathedral Call   

4 words to describe our Yosemite day


8-13-13 The Vulcan Voice 2

Hot Fudge Mundae


8-31-15 The Sequoia Sun

A Walk Back to the Ice Age

5-27-10 The Valley Voice

Climbing to the brink


7-21-12 The Yosemite Yelp

An Arresting Arrete


8-10-13 The Vulcan Voice

Hiking into the Dead Zone


5-10-15 The Umunhum Times

Friends Encountered on the Trail

2-24-18 The Coyote Clarion

As Green As It Gets

Fourth of July

This annual newsletter usually focuses on a national park. There are hikes here not listed in the section above.

7-9-09 The Lassen Log    
'Cause it's there  

7-2-11 The Yosemite Yodel 

A walk in the park


6-30-13 The Yosemite Yell 

Happy Fourth of July


7-2-15 The Sequoia Sun

Happy Fourth of July

6-30-17 The Yosemite Yelp

Happy Fourth of July

6-29-19 The Redwood Report

Happy Fourth of July

7-4-22 The Pinnacles Press

El Condor Pasa

6-30-10 The Sequoia Squawk

Happy Fourth of July


6-30-12 The Bay Area Bugle

Happy Fourth of July


7-1-14 The Lassen Log

Happy Fourth of July

6-26-16 The Yosemite Yelp

Happy Fourth of July

7-1-18 The Yosemite Yelp

Ghost Towns in the Sky

7-4-20 The Independent

Happy Fourth of July

New Year's

This newsletter, which isn't quite annual yet, usually focuses on the California coast.

12-29-09 Holiday Herald 
Winter finally settles in 

1-1-14 The Left Coast Log 

Last to the New Year Party 


1-3-15 The New Year News

And the sky is gray

12-30-17 The New Year News

Bridges of the Bay

12-28-11 The Point Lobos Log

Happy New Year


12-27-14 The New Year News

First Light

1-15-17 The New Year News

I've been for a walk on a winter's day ...

1-1-22 The New Year News

Its Beach sunset

2007 Italy trip

The start of a mighty publishing franchise.

9-25-07 The Venezia Voice
Long night's flight to Venice lands weary travelers in Italia


9-27-07 The Lago di Como Log      



9-29-07 The Roamin' Romans          

Some serious railroadin'                                                  



10-1-07 The Tuscany Touristi  

Arrivederci, Roma. Buongiorno, Siena.


10-3-07 The Milano Messagero

Italians built monument to themselves in marble

9-26-07 The Vicenza Credenza

Army dedicates memorial garden to Nan's mom

9-28-07 The Lago di Como Log

Cruise to Colico


9-30-07 The Roamin' Romans

The glory that was Rome & the bald spot on the dome


10-2-07 The Tuscany Touristi

Driving across Tuscany, hill town to hill town 



4-13-22 chronicle 1 cover.jpg

Stuff that doesn't fit in the other boxes.

8-15-10 The Fog Town Crier 
 Just Chillin'  

3-16-13 The Poverty Post   

Springtime in the land of milk and honey  


4-1-13 The Daily Tar Heel 



8-17-14 The Lake Ledger 2 

Draining the tub                                                       


3-17-15 The Irish Inquirer

Wearin' o' the Green


11-26-15 The Thanksgiving Tribune

Come, Ye Thankful People, Come


1-29-16 The Super Bowl Bugle

The Week Begins


2-2-16 The Super Bowl Bugle

How the Sausage Gets Made


2-7-16 The Super Bowl Bugle

The Agony of Defeat

 1-16-17 The Mountain Mirror 

How a drought ends

4-13-22 The Coastal Chronicle 1

Pacific Coast Winter

8-27-11 The CyberRays Slate

From one champ to another


3-30-14 The Daily Tar Heel

I'm a Tar Heel born ...


6-15-14 The Shasta Sun

A White Lie


11-30-14 The Rain Report

The Day the Rain Came


4-17-15 The Silicon Valley Sun

American Exceptionalism


11-28-15 The Thanksgiving Tribune

Trains, Planes & Automobiles


1-31-16 The Super Bowl Bugle

How Stadiums Grow Up To Be Super Bowls


2-5-16 The Super Bowl Bugle

Travel Tips for the Big Game

7-12-16 The Olympic Ring

Grace Under Pressure

3-15-20 The Coronavirus Chronicle

These Art Times That Try Our Souls

4-13-22 The Coastal Chronicle 2

Life among brutes

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