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Background: Restored century-old Seaboard Air Line Railroad passenger station in Hamlet, North Carolina.

Through the Heart of the South

Every instinct Chris McAndrew developed growing up tells him the safe course for a white football player who supports racial integration at Shortridge High is to hold his tongue until he graduates and leaves his railroad town for college.


That's what girlfriend Susan Marks wants him to do. It's what town patriarch Grampy Harvard demands.


But Monteenia, his family maid, sends him to school each morning with breakfast and a clean shirt. Malachi Stevens, the new teammate he comes to respect, gets a raw deal from their coaches. And Mr. Cooper, the glee club director, risks his job for his singers.


Chris knows where his loyalties lie, but will he pay the price to honor them?



Download a free PDF version of Through the Heart of the South from my friend and fellow Stone Church of Willow Glen member Ed Tablak's website. Tab asks those who download my book or any of the others on his site to make an in lieu donation to the American Red Cross.


You may also purchase a paperback version by clicking on the image, or purchase:


  • A Kindle version here.

  • A Nook version here.



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