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Background image: The Gingerbread Mansion in the town of Ferndale on California's North Coast is now a bed and breakfast. 


A portfolio of images from travels, some of which have not been published in my newsletters.
Click the arrow on either side of an image to see the next one in that portfolio. To see the full image, click the center.
National Parks

I've been fascinated by our national parks since reading a series of books about them in the library of Fairview Heights Elementary School, which is in my home town of Hamlet, North Carolina. Living on the West Coast puts me within easy reach of some of the most famous parks.

North Carolina

My home state and a place I still love to visit.


My hometown was a railroad town. Most of my male relatives were railroad men. And I worked on the railroad during the summer when I was a college student.


I ride trains any time I can, which includes trips in England, France, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain and Switzerland.



Some of the most interesting structures found along the Northern California coast are bridges, lighthouses and Victorian houses.

Snow scenes


Most of these come from the photo trips I make each December to illustrate my holiday newsletter.



Hiking is a hobby that blends well with photography.

Background images


An unobstructed view of the background images from the pages of this website with links to the newsletters where they first appeared.

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