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Background image: A monochrome winter morning in North Carolina's Great Smoky Mountains.

A website of writing and photography


This home page is the portal to:

  • portfolio of images from my photography hobby.

  • An  archive of the photo-illustrated newsletters that I send to family and friends.

  • A group of videos that I have made in recent years as part of a new hobby and for the website I designed and manage for the Stone Church of Willow Glen in San Jose, California.

  • A collection of some of the stories I wrote as a sports writer for the San Jose Mercury News and the stories behind them.

Latest newsletters

Click the cover image to select a newsletter. Here's the page that contains an archive of newsletters from my trips and adventures.

Fourth of July

7-2-24 redwood np.jpg

July 4, 2024

Europe trip

5-13-24 d-day beaches.jpg

May 13, 2024

5-14-24 paris.jpg

May 14, 2024

5-15&19-24 rome newsletter.jpg

May 15-19, 2024

5-15^019-24 rome newsletter 2.jpg

May 15-19, 2024

5-20^023-24 venice newsletter.jpg

May 20-23, 2024

5-4-23 scotland newsletter 1.jpg

May 4, 2024

5-8-23 scotland newsletter 2.jpg

May 5, 2024

5-10-24 scotland newsletter 3.jpg

May 5, 2024

5-15-24 scotland newsletter 4 - shetland.jpg

May 7, 2024

5-17-24 scotland newsletter 5 - highlands-1.jpg

May 9, 2024

5-10-24 scotland newsletter 6 - glasgow.jpg

May 10, 2024

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Newest Video

Click here to go to the video archive and click here to go to the newsletter archive page. 
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